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Dr. Mark Chavez, who goes by the surname "The Health MD," is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, coach, speaker and author of the book, The 5 Habits of Healthy People. He provides entrepreneurial coaching for physicians who wish to make an impact in the world, follow a dream, start a venture, and become tomorrow's entrepreneurs. Using his signature Health-CPR² methodology, he works closely with each physician to help them to develop their own personal brand and become a Key Physician of Influence (KPI) in their chosen niche industry.


The 5 Habits of Healthy People

Dr. Chavez’s signature Health-CPR² methodology focuses on first optimizing the client’s health because our health is our greatest asset. The program’s health component is based off of Dr. Chavez’s book, The Five Habits of Healthy People.

This book is the cumulation of the last 15 years in which Dr. Chavez has worked with thousands of patients in various settings. By applying certain insights learned over the years, he’s created a simple five-step blueprint that anyone can use to get and stay healthy and avoid becoming a victim to the healthcare machine.


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